Stemming from the needs of a variety of companies in the pharmaceutical, laundry and other general supply sectors, we designed the model RB 8064, a product that is unique in both design and features.

This model has a number of advantages that improve the quality of work and guarantee better performance of the company:

The main advantage is to have an AGV (automatic guided vehicle) reader system. The AGV system detects the roll containers and transports them compacted along a predefined route, without direct human intervention.

The caster wheels can be blocked to one direction using a locking system. They also have a break that allows the roll container to be immobilised. Two roll containers can also be easily joined together to be transported at once.

Thanks to the tow bars two or more roll containers can be connected and transferred at once.

The retractable tray, which can be installed and removed very easily, allows for space optimization on the roll container and ensures the orderly transport of the products inside it.

It has a hinged lid, which allows you to leave the top of the roll container open. This allows you to empty it using a tipping machine.

Roll container

REF. RB 8064

Breakdown of parts

– 1 metal base equipped with 2 fixed wheels and 2 swivel caster wheels that redirect automatically once the AGV is transporting the roll containers, avoiding posible collisions. Caster wheels have a break.

– AGV transportation joining system.
– 2 hinged doors, one on each front panel.
– 2 side, one with marking panel.

– Card holder.
– Retractable tray.
– Folding lid.
– 10 polyamide 6 flanges /highly resistant), to join the front and cover to the sides.
– 1 mounting kit for rigidizing the roll container (side-base).


– Cover

– Card holder.


– Galvanized + Lacquered (Silver color)

* Please enquire about other finishes.