– Foldable textile container, with base and sides lined with galvanized sheet metal.

– The big advantage provided by the textile container is that when not in use it may be folded in a fast and easy way.

– It has two removable clamp bars for bracing the sides together and thus form a compact structure. When you need to fold the container these bars can be placed on each side of it.

– It can be stacked up to 4 heights (3 on 1).

Contenedor textil chapa

REF. CT 4394

Made up of

– A metal base with 4 forklift connecting rails to facilitate handling.

– 2 folding sides, with space to place the removable bars when necessary.

– 2 removable clamp bars.

– Has 2 rods, on on each side, to facilitate folding of the sides.


– Wheels.


– Zinc electroplated (gold or silver color)
– Epoxy polyester painted.
– Zinc electroplated + epoxy polyester paint.